mercoledì 13 febbraio 2008

From Solomacello to Slaughterhuoseonly

Una nuova eccitante puntata della sempiterna diatriba metallari vs. hipsters/indie kidz parte dalla penisola e arriva dritta oltreoceano sulle affollate pagine di BrooklynVegan, nei commenti a this week in metal (rubrica settimanale in cui il buddy Fred "Black Bubblegum" ti dice tutto quello che avresti voluto sapere sul metal ma non hai mai osato chiedere). Deliziatevi con alcuni fondamentali passaggi tratti da questa altissima polemica letteraria:
  • "Metal sucks! don't hype this shit."
  • "wow... Some closed off people here. Why, pray tell, does metal suck?"
  • "at least metalheads are into actual music...hipsters, on the other hand, seem to be more interested in honing their thrift-shop-fashion/im-cooler-than-you/ironic-scenester sensibilities"
  • "Moronic fanbase, 95% all dude-all the time-atmosphere at shows, dubious politics (Emperor!) , dubious music...there's a long list."
  • "^^^YOUR MOM IS OVER..."
  • "I'd rather listen to dubious politics than the apolitical faux emotional ramblings of a catatonic asexual "indie" hipster douche bag. Or hip hop artist. Or Daft Punk."
  • "Though many would probably lump me in with "hipsters" based on my music-leanings, I'm outside that "crowd" because I don't brush up on all the things you listed, the things that seem of pinnacle importance to that segment. Hip(?)sters should love metal; the metalheads wear jeans that are too tight and drain-pipey (check), they wear beat up leather that's probably from a thrift shop (check), many have unruly hair (both scalp and facial, check check), and they wear out-of-date, clearly-worn-to-be-ironic sneakers (check). It's official: Metalheads = Hipsters."
  • "metal rules and always will fuckers!"

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