lunedì 5 novembre 2007

brooklyn vegan fa storno di collaboratori ai danni di icepick ...

Questo il messaggio che il buddy Fred (autore della miglior recensione della storia di icepick) mi invia qualche giorno fa ...

... nel mentre sembra non abbia resistito alla tentazione di offrire i propri servigi ai piu' ricchi e potenti ...

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Subject: Metalheads, Our Prayers Have Been Answered....

Iron Maiden will be at Continental Airlines arena on March 14th, 2008.
That alone is awesome. Add to that, they will be playing ONLY their
80s hits. On top of THAT, they will be performing on the 1985
Powerslave tour set!!!!!!!!!


If you guys dont know, their Powerslave tour was absolutely
legendary..... They had a full Egyptian backdrop with a giant "eddie"
sphinx and planes (ala "Aces High") and everything. This is like
stepping back in time

I attached a copy of the only pic I could find of the Powerslave tour stage....

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