domenica 28 ottobre 2007

wedding pix(ies)

Riceviamo e volentieri pubblichiamo miniresoconto della cerimonia nuziale del caro amico Jason di Product Shop NYC, secondo blogger newyorkese convolato a giuste nozze questo ottobre (due settimane fa era stata la volta di melodynelson).

... the ceremony was really beautiful - before it started, they played this song from the muppets (jason is obsessed w/the muppets - ha! jeremy told me he's been saying since he was 16 that he wanted to play that at his wedding) and dori walked down the aisle to beirut! it was so jason and dori! they had a really cool jewish ceremony and read vows to each other and j. finished his vows by quoting the pixies!!! he said he promised to keep their big, big love "gigantic" for the rest of their lives ...

Nice vows, indeed ...
(thx catherine)

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