venerdì 26 ottobre 2007

la piramide logora chi non ce l'ha

Gustoso passaggio nell'intervista che Thomas Bangalter dei Daft Punk ha rilasciato all'LA Weekly.

So that's really you up there in the pyramid, right?

You know, the people who ask that question don't seem to realize this – when you've got 20,000 or 30,000 people completely screaming at you up there, why would we want someone else in our place? If you were us, would you be somewhere else? I answer that question with a question.

Well, I would be very tempted to sneak out into the crowd at some point to see it from their point of view. How could you resist taking a fifteen minute break, outfitting a roadie with a helmet while you stand out in the crowd?

Yeah, well, you've got your answer and I've got mine. I would not trade my place with someone else – obviously in a lot of respects.

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