giovedì 27 settembre 2007

sound and vision

Dal Guardian la gradita notizia che Scorsese girera' un documentario sulla vita di George Harrison e una ricca storia su cinema indipendente e punk rock di Mick Jones (thx Colas e Icepick), da cui riporto: "Looking back, it strikes me that the Clash were always a very cine-literate group. People always talk about punk as this Year Zero thing, whereas all popular culture is always stealing from itself, feeding off itself - like Soylent Green. When the Clash first went over to New York we were lucky to get into the editing suite when Martin Scorsese was putting the finishing touches to Raging Bull. Later we appeared - very fleetingly - in one of the street scenes in King of Comedy. Blink and you'll miss us."

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  1. anche prima thx colas che aveva twitterato il link a jones!