venerdì 9 maggio 2008

Il giorno più importante

Un ingegnere chimico di 33 anni con prole ricorda il giorno più importante della sua vita: una partita di pallacanestro alle medie, quando di anni ne aveva 14; un evento speciale, magico e irripetibile, più degli altri - anche fondamentali - che gli son pur capitati successivamente.

E' il breve brano d'apertura del bellissimo Chuck Klosterman IV - A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas.

"Can I tell you something weird?" he asked. This probably isn't a valid question, because one can never say no to such an inquiry. But this is what he asked me.

"Of course," I said in response. "Always."

"Okay, well...great. That's great."

He collected his thoughts for fourteen seconds.

"Something is happening to me," he said. "I keep thinking about something that happened to me a long time ago. Years ago. Like, this thing happened to me in eighth fucking grade. This is a situation I hadn't even thought about for probably ten or fifteen years. But then I saw a documentary that reexamined the Challenger explosion, and this particular event had happened around that same time. And what's disturbing is that -- now -- I find myself thinking about this particular afternoon constantly. I have dreams about it. Every time I get drunk or stoned, I inevitably find myself sitting in a dark room, replaying the sequence of the events in my mind, over and over again. And the details I remember from this 1986 afternoon are unfathomably intense. Nothing is missing and nothing is muddled. And I'm starting to believe -- and this, I suppose, is the weird part -- that maybe this day was the most important day of my entire life, and that everything significant about my personality was created on this one particular afternoon. I'm starting to suspect that this memory is not merely about a certain day of my life; this memory is about the day, if you get my meaning."

"I think I do," I said. "Obviously, I'm intrigued."

Il resto del raccontino è qua. Vi sono inoltre memorabili interviste (es: Britney Spears, Jack White e Bono) e pensieri sparsi un po' su tutto. Klosterman ha due anni e mezzo più di me (insomma è giovane...) ed è già un mito.

Da comprare, assolutamente.

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