giovedì 6 marzo 2008

Robe da fan

Senza una ragione particolare volevo omaggiare Jeff Tweedy attraverso i twit dei fan, dai quali si evince l'amore che il leader degli Wilco suscita, che poi è appunto quanto provo anch'io...

...quando ho trovato questo.

E poi ho trovato il sito della band, il blog di Spencer (subito entrato nel mio feed-reader), il facebook di Spencer.

Spencer, who lives in Chicago with his parents and younger brother Sam, claims to be entirely self-taught. He admits, however, to taking a few lessons from Glenn, the drummer from his father’s band, Wilco. Spencer has been honing his percussive skills since age three, when he received a drum kit for his birthday. “It’s not fake,” he’s quick to point out. “It’s not the kind you get at Toys R Us. It’s real drums, just like adults use.”
“When he was a baby, you could sing to him and he’d sing along in harmony,” says father Jeff. “I’m not kidding. He’d do it all the time. It’d either be right in key or harmonizing.”
Magari avessero cantato anche a me The Lonely 1 nella culla per farmi addormentare. O forse era Heavy Metal Drummer... che dite?

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