venerdì 14 dicembre 2007

Pagine e pagine di vagine

Figa. Una figa ha scritto un libro sulla figa pieno di foto di figa.
E in un'intervista al New York Magazine rilascia affermazioni come:
We ended up shooting about 50. We wanted a variety of colors and shapes, hair and without hair. We concocted this table in a photo studio like you'd have at the gyno — a clean, sterile table with disposable paper. I paid $50 a vulva.
One woman said, "I can't wait for the book to come out. I'm going to make my boyfriend pick mine out."
I don't care what you end up doing as long as it's for you first and foremost. If you're waxing because your boyfriend won't have sex with you otherwise, you need to think about that.
I was totally into it, but in doing my research and realizing what it takes for a place to be sanitary, I went on a panic attack. So right now I'm au naturel. But I don't see the point of just removing some from the sides. For me it's a Brazilian or nothing.
If you ever go into a Cheesecake Factory, their lampposts are totally vaginal, too. Now I see vulvas everywhere.
Mi viene un dubbio: non sarà un po' un libro del c...?

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  1. Now I see vulvas everywhere.

    Sembra il titolo di una canzone dei Raconteurs. O un mio (e di tanti altri) pensiero frequente a Mosca. E a NY. E a Milano. E a